War Memorial Field Grandstands


For 65 years, the grandstands at War Memorial Field have served the community well. But the clock is ticking on the aging 1946 structure, and a community effort is now under way to rebuild this treasured asset.

Friends of Memorial Field, an all-volunteer group, is working to raise a total of $1.3 million to fund the project. Check out all of the details, and donate today for this great community cause!

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The Need: Replace before condemnation

A 2012 structural engineering report states that the existing bleachers “do not meet current structural or safety code requirements …” Based on these findings the City has determined that the facility will be renovated in 5 years.

Kim Woodruff, Sandpoint Parks and Recreation director, also cites the fact that the grandstands do not meet compliance with the building codes or the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

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The Plan: A "grand" scheme


The preferred stadium design, shown here, will have a capacity of 1,500, an increase of 67 percent, to meet current and future demand.

The community has already contributed significantly to the completion of Phase 1 (new lighting) of the facility restoration and is committed to the Phase 2 Stadium renovation.

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Join Us: Become a friend

In order to build the grandstands, the Friends of Memorial Field need your help and support! There are a number of fundraising efforts under way, including:

– Buy-A-Brick

– Sell books on Sandpoint Sports History

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